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What is Commercial Auto Hard to Place insurance?

Commercial Auto Hard to Place Insurance refers to insurance coverage for commercial vehicles that are considered high-risk and are challenging to insure through standard insurance markets. "Hard to place" indicates that these vehicles or businesses present a higher level of risk, making them less desirable to traditional insurance carriers. In such cases, businesses may turn to specialized or surplus lines insurers that are willing to underwrite higher-risk policies.

What risks are considered Hard to Place?

Several factors can contribute to a vehicle or business being classified as "hard to place" in the commercial auto insurance market. Some common reasons include:

  • Poor Driving Records: Vehicles operated by drivers with a history of accidents, traffic violations, or DUI convictions may be considered high-risk.
  • High-Risk Industries: Businesses in industries with elevated risks, such as logging, towing, waste disposal, or hazardous materials transportation, may face challenges in finding coverage through standard markets.
  • High-Value or Specialized Vehicles: Commercial vehicles with high values or specialized equipment may be harder to insure through standard channels.
  • Frequent Claims History: Businesses with a history of frequent insurance claims may find it challenging to secure coverage through traditional insurers.
  • Non-Standard Situations: Unusual or non-standard situations, such as insuring a vehicle with extensive modifications, may be difficult to place with standard insurers.

Commercial Auto Hard to Place Insurance may still offer the necessary coverage for businesses with high-risk vehicles or operations, but it often comes with higher premiums and more restrictive terms. Surplus lines insurers, also known as non-admitted or specialty insurers, are typically involved in providing coverage for hard-to-place risks.

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