Builders Risk

Builder's Risk

What is Builder’s Risk insurance?

Builder’s Risk insurance protects buildings, structures, equipment and material while a project is still under construction. Builder’s Risk policies can provide coverage for either commercial or residential projects including new construction, renovation and installation work.

What does Builder’s Risk insurance cover?

Builder’s Risk protects against several types of risk including fire, lightening, hail, explosions, theft vandalism and natural disaster – including hurricanes, tornadoes etc.

Who needs Builders’ Risk insurance?

Any person or company that has a financial interest in a construction project will need Builder’s Risk insurance. This includes property owners, general contractors, sub-contractors, lenders, architects, etc.

Builder’s Risk insurance can be customized to include:

  • Commercial construction insurance – which covers commercial course of construction projects of any size and value.
  • Residential and commercial new construction insurance – which covers course of constructions projects from production to custom building.
  • Remodeling insurance – which covers basic to complex commercial and home renovation projects, with the option to include the existing structure.
  • Installation insurance – which covers property of the insured and property of others being installed or awaiting installation.

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